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The foundation has adopted an intervention that involves the Batwa and rural communities in the Gorilla highlands in identifying their needs, designing of possible solutions and monitoring progress in these communities

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Village Trumpets Foundation aims to show how tourism and conservation have the power to develop and uplift the deprived Ugandans out of poverty to having a purpose and pride. We are geared towards bringing innovative solutions and tangible changes to the communities around the gorilla highlands

Our Mission

To ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all in rural communities

Our Projects



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Rural Women Looking To The Future

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Join our team , change lives and engage with the local communities as an international volunteer

Arlette Olaerts
Arlette Olaerts
Volunteering with the Village Trumpets Foundation was an absolutely amazing experience! I made a photo shoot in 2022 about the life of the Batwa people. It’s truly moving to see how the foundation tries to build a better life for the Batwa people. Living and his team are the best! I highly recommend volunteering with them if you are looking for a meaningful experience. Additionally you have the opportunity to discover the beauty of Uganda and his people. I am truly in love with this country.
Tusiime Ronald
Tusiime Ronald
It was such a memorable moment while hosting @oarteles and friend @ village trumpets foundation. And I appreciate the @village trumpets foundation for giving an opportunity to considered as a chief cook of the Day. Thanks goes to the whole team for the good hospitality and the work they are doing for the towards helping the rural communities and the Batwa people at large. I recommend everyone to join village trumpets foundation in supporting their programs towards developing the rural communities.
Rossette Kembabazi
Rossette Kembabazi
Proud to support Village Trumpets Foundation! Their dedication to rural women empowerment, education sponsorship and health care is truly inspiring. Through their initiatives, they're making a real difference in communities, creating opportunities and building brighter futures. Keep up the amazing work! 💪 #Empowerment #CommunityImpact #VillageTrumpetsFoundation"
I'd a wonderful time here learning about the culture and history of the Batwa people. An excellent addition to your gorilla trek, and Living is a great guide.

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