Village Trumpets Foundation Uganda

  • To eradicate poverty, end hunger, achieve food security and improved sustainable Agriculture for all rural communities.
  • To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
  • To foster gender equality and empower all women, youth and girls through incentive developmental and sustainable programs.
  • To ensure sustainable livelihoods for Batwa communities through financial outsourcing from partners, donors, tourist visitors and other Eco system players.
  • To promote, take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts to ensure sustainable protection and conservation of natural resources in the existing Eco tourism centers in rural communities.
  • Village Trumpets Foundation aims to improve the economic status of girls, women and their families by providing educational trainings, skills development, hands on training on our skills development center that is to be constructed and provision of girl child kits such as pads and other items to girls to keep them in schools.

Our Values

Respect and Dignity. We uphold and preserve the dignity, respect and rights of our organization.

Passionate. We are generally about every aspect of what we do and totally committed to individual, organization and our community.

Professionalism and integrity. Our work is carried out with professionalism and integrity by all of our communities, volunteers, staff and leadership team.

Gender Equity. Ensuring that actions of the organization fairly benefit women, men and children.

Sustainable Development. Use of existing resources in the manner that takes current and future needs of the communities and that of our organization.

Transparency. Being open in all undertakings and regular sharing of information with internal and external stakeholders on key issues of the organization.

Advocacy. We uphold and preserve Advocacy, for the organization and the community members we serve to collectively have one voice for the benefit of all.

Accountability. Being answerable for actions taken to different stakeholders and make respective record keeping all the time.

Self-actualization and self-reliance. We promote self-actualization and self-reliance among our member communities and encourage every youth and women to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

Partnership and conspiracy. We promote a culture of honor and excellence among our own staff and with the people and communities we serve.”Delivering what we promised and beyond exceptions”

Progressiveness. “We are innovative, dynamic and visionally organized

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