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Village Trumpets Foundation is a private charitable aid non-profit, non-partisan and non-denomination, it works under a voluntary steering committee and professional executive board, Fights against community hunger, and poverty for sustainable food security.

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Village trumpets foundation is an indigenous non-profit organization that is operating in the Batwa settlements and rural communities in and around the gorilla highlands since its inception in Uganda.

Village trumpets foundation has a holistic approach to sustainable development that entails an integral approach geared towards the transformation of the social, economic and political spheres with in rural communities. 

The foundation has adopted an intervention that involves the Batwa and rural communities in the Gorilla highlands in identifying their needs, designing of possible solutions and monitoring progress in these communities. This participatory intervention empowers, educates the individuals and households to take responsibility for their own sustainable development, and this has proved to be a more sustainable and cost-effective intervention in dressing the abject poverty, mistreatment and discrimination of the Batwa people in the region

During the global pandemic of covid-19 there happened the death of RAFIKI which was a very tragic event, sad loss, that nobody wishes would ever have happened which was a sliver back gorilla that suddenly was killed by one of the Mtwa known as Felix and family living in Nkuringo, Felix was sentenced to prison for 11 years leaving behind a family of 3 children and their mother in a miserable life.   The wife of Felix is worried that children may also grow into poachers if they are not empowered, properly educated about conservation.  So, as Village Trumpets Foundation, we propose the general cause for the people living near the Gorilla highlands to meet the costs of conservation through participating in our projects such as arts for conservation, tailoring, Bee keeping, smart agriculture and supporting Batwa child education.

Our area of participation, the study done by Village Trumpets Foundation targeted five rural communities in districts of south western Uganda where the Batwa people live are: Kanungu, Kisoro and Kabale

Village Trumpets Foundation is located in Butogota town council, Kyabuyorwa lower village just 15km from Buhoma-Bwindi the headquarters of the Bwindi impenetrable national park. The winding roads take visitors deep into the Africa’s most spectacular Mountain Gorilla tracking since it’s the home to the half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas in the world. With the history of Gorilla conservation that started in 1991, the influence, a back drop of quite conservation measures against anti-poaching, deforestation and human encroachment on wildlife habitat have been raised. This offers a unique experience into the picturesque African village. 

Village Trumpets Foundation is addressing poverty and hunger in a broader perspective, involving a number of issues which cannot be addressed using one intervention. Poverty alleviation is not only about increasing the incomes of the poor people, but it is a whole package that entails the sustainability of these incomes in a socially just system. Access to tourism is vital as any other effort in poverty alleviation for without tourism the capacity of the rural communities to be part of the global village is comprised.

To achieve this, Village Trumpets Foundation, has a program or projects such as; sustainable Rural Empowerment project having 6 projects namely health, education, empowerment, charity fund, Advocacy, conservation and which are linked and coordinated by internally located coordinating unit.   And are supported by volunteers, donors and partners for prosperity.

The country’s most ancient inhabitants confined to the hilly southwest forest are Bakiga, Batwa and Bambuti pygmies, relics of the hunter-gatherer culture that once occupied much of East Africa’s rain forests

To ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all in rural communities 
For innovation, preservation, and protection of traditional heritage in Uganda.
A voice for unreached rural communities in Uganda.

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