Village Trumpets Foundation Uganda

Together We Can Make A Difference

Village Trumpets Foundation dreams of a village, where all children can go to school and learn together with friends. No matter their family’s wealth situation, support us.

Chance To Learn

How do we make it?
We are looking for international sponsors to cover the school fees and requirements for the kids. once found a sponsor, we hope that a close relationship will be developed between the children and their supporter. To make lasting impact, we know that we must actively engage and include the communities, we are seeking to support. we are continually learning and growing in how we show up as an authentic, Ethical partner.

A place in school for every child in Kyabuyorwa village. Education shouldn’t not depend on the income of your parents. Village Trumpets Foundation is striving to offer every child in the village the best possible Education, Donate.

Projects close to our heart.
Health for all, it’s for everyone to be health. Village Trumpets Foundation is working towards a village, where every child, parent can be with good health. Independent of their families, therefore we are seeking for donations, partners, volunteers for the health center construction in the rural village.

Sponsorship for school children, Education is the fundamental change for everyone’s life. Village Trumpets Foundation is looking forward to a village, where every child can go to school regardless of the family’s wealth. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors for the most vulnerable, youth, girl child in the rural villages.
Events, courses for parents and school lunch.

Not everyone needs a sponsor, but most people from our rural villages need a little support to achieve all the things they are dreaming of. Village Trumpets Foundation is organizing courses for coffee, tea 🍵 farmers to learn how they can have a reliable crop, even when in times of climate change. Together with our partner schools, we Organize healthy school lunches, sports and events for the kids to play and learn. Learn more through our projects.
Sponsor a child to access quality education and improve his or her lifestyle.

Kindly support us through the following bank accounts

Our Correspondent Bank Name :  CITIBANK N.A NEW YORK,111 WALL STREET NEW YORK 10043, SWIFT ADDRESS: CITIUS33 FED ROUTING NO. : 021000089


BENEFICIARY : Beneficiary A/C Name: Village Trumpets Foundation, Beneficiary A/C No: 3203833338


Join our team , change lives and engage with the local communities as an international volunteer