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To empower and enlightened the rural communities; promote a culture of conservation, non – violence and peaceful co- existence through training of local actors, provision. Of financial and technical support to local schools, workshops, advocacy, lobbying and networking. We continue to support children education through taking them in schools to meet the required education services

Chance To Learn

 Education that includes everyone, with non-disabled and disabled people including those with special educational needs learning together in mainstream schools, colleges and universities towards a village, where every child, parent can be with good health. Independent of their families, therefore we are seeking for donations, partners, volunteers for the health center construction in the rural village. 

Sponsor A Batwa Child & Change Two Lives

The differences between sponsored students and those who are not may seem small. But to the needy children, the difference is big. Having a sponsor means that a caring adult thinks you are wonderful. You are worthy of being appreciated and encouraged. There is power in knowing that you are loved. Having a sponsor may also mean some special gifts, cards, and a sense of security. Sponsors are encouraged to write to their students at least twice a year. Representatives of VTF can deliver them and bring back replies along with photos and reports. Suggestions for writing can be found at

Poor parents, who cannot pay anything for their child’s education, may begin to feel uneasy about keeping a child at Nyamirama II Primary School without a sponsor. They may pull the child out of school and have them go to work.

When students write to their sponsors saying “I love you so much,” they are not being glib. They are truly grateful. You may be the only constant person in their lives–the only one who encourages them in their big dreams.

On the sponsor’s side, Francis of Assisi said it well: “For it is in giving that we receive.” One of our oldest sponsors Andrew Deaner a professor of cardiology proclaimed to her church, “I feel for the first time in my life, I’m making a real difference in a child’s life.”

Sponsor a young child — Nursery School and Primary School

Children begin school at Nyamirama II Primary School when they are only three years old. Most of these new students are ‘sponsored’ by Village Trumpets Foundation until a personal sponsor selects them.

Sponsoring a young child, in one of the Nursery School classes, or in a Primary School class, is only $45 a month, or $540 for the whole year.

You can ask for one of the children pictured here by name. If that child has recently been sponsored, we will suggest a child, and if you agree we will begin that sponsorship. Or, if you want us to match a child to your preferences for age, gender, religion, we are happy to do that. There are many children waiting for their own special sponsor.

Sponsorship – Primary

Thank you for becoming a sponsor with Village Trumpets Foundation Uganda!

Please note: a separate sponsorship form will need to be completed for each student. If you need assistance sponsoring more than one student, please email

Nyamirama II Primary School Sponsorships: Nursery or Primary

Each sponsorship completed online can be paid annually or in monthly or quarterly installments. If you would like an alternate installment schedule, please email

All sponsorships include school, boarding, and residential care.

Girls future through the lens

In 2023, Village Trumpets Foundation board member Arlette Olaerts came back from her second trip to Uganda. She couldn’t get the young teen-age Batwa boys & girls off her mind. She shared with her partner, the plight of these girls. After they finish primary school (7th grade), they have no opportunity for further education unless someone pays for it. Few parents have money for more schooling, and if there is a little money, boys are given preference.

Arlette Olaerts and her partner hatched an idea that is becoming a life-changing program called “Girls future through the Lens.” Over 40 young women from kanungu district are being educated beyond their dreams because of this program. Most are to complete college and are work in solid, income-producing jobs. The few who can’t complete the program still will have to succeeded in breaking the cycle of poverty. Through [Girls Future through the lens], they have more education and skills than 70% of their peers. This gives the girls a broader, richer perspective on their lives. It helps them to be self-reliant, increases their standard of living, and benefits their children.

Career Opportunity Pathways (COP)

The question of what students should do after Secondary 4 led to a program that has lots of admirers. We took a hard look at what would be the best use of the two years after the UCE. We found that it would be a different answer for different students, depending on whether they wanted to pursue a university degree or a vocational course.  For those who want a vocational path, the COP program was developed.

Choices include things like farming, business, technical institutes, tourism, nursing, catering, and hotel management.

You can sponsor one of the Batwa students or contribute to the higher education program in general.

Sponsor a Child

We support several programs beyond our local schools that serve the children and families in Kanungu District and areas around Bwindi impenetrable forest.

We have been matching sponsors with children since 2021. Many of those first sponsors are still sponsoring. Their support is financial, social, emotional, and spiritual. And, the fruits of the relationships are remarkable on both sides of the ocean.

Sponsors and students connect through photos, reports, letters, and small gifts. VTF representatives Arlette Olaerts travel to kanungu at least once a year and carry the mail from sponsors with them. While at village Trumpets Foundation, we take new photos of all of the students and work with teachers to help students write to their sponsors. Two times a year sponsors receive a special package with the new photos, letters and information from schools we partner with.

More than 30 sponsors have had the great joy of traveling to Uganda and meeting their special child in person. Maybe you will be next!


Nursery or Primary Students

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Quarterly: $135

Annually: $540

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